If you are going to make more money with your article marketing you are going to have to make sure you focus on getting really good at getting people to clash of clans gems on your links and come to your site! In this article I want to show you how to maximize your article resource box click through rate so you can make this happen the easy way.

The Most Important Part Of Your Article…

When it comes to using this traffic source you have to realize that the only way you are going to make any money is if you get people who read your articles on the directories to click the links in your resource box and come to your site.

You can have the best content in the world, but if your resource box is not well written you are not going to get people to click on your links, come to your site and buy from you.

They will simply think you wrote a great article and move onto the next one that they think will help them out!

You have to realize that most people simply don’t do a good job at creating resource boxes that will help them convert the readers to site visitors.

But if you know what you are dong, it is really not that hard and you can massively increase your traffic without having to do a lot of extra work.

Here Is How You Can Get More People To Click On Your Links And Come To Your Site…

First – You have to make sure you make it about them and not about you.

The best way to increase your click through rate is to make sure you make your resource box about the person who is reading your article. You need to save your biography for your site as they don’t care about you at this point.

Their main focus is to figure out how they can get more information and help so they can solve their problems. So make sure you make it about them.

Second – Make sure you tell them what they are going to get on the next page.

The reason that you want to tell them what they are about to get when they click on the link is because they will know what is coming.

Doing this will massively increase your landing page conversion rate and you are going to get more people to take an action when they come to your site.

August 25, 2016 · Posted in Blogs